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HVAC Controls Operation and Maintenance

PDF free Download | HVAC Controls Operation and Maintenance Third Edition by   Guy W. Gupton 

HVAC Controls Operation and Maintenance by  Guy W. Gupton



This book was developed to serve as a full and succinct reference for people involved in the operation and maintenance of automatic control systems supporting building heating, ventilation HVAC , and air conditioning systems, and is now in its third edition. Equipment-to-control interactions, control system set-up and functions, local loop to building automation system interfaces, performance prediction and evaluation, operational parameters, and maintenance and testing are just a few of the subjects covered. A new chapter in the third edition describes how to convert an existing pneumatic control system to a hybrid pneumatic and direct digital system by adding DDC signal detecting and control algorithms to existing pneumatic actuators on dampers and valves.

Book Contents

  • Basic Functions of HVAC Systems and Control Systems. 
  • HVAC Equipment-to-Control Interactions. 
  • Operating and Maintaining HVAC Control Systems . 
  • The Mathematics of Control Systems: Controller. Equations.
  • Performance Prediction in HVAC Control Systems. 
  • HVAC Control System Set-Up.
  • Maintaining Electric and Electronic Control Systems. 
  • Maintaining Pneumatic Control Systems. 
  • Maintaining Local Loop to BAS Interfaces. 
  • HVAC Control System Checkout Procedures .
  • Fine Tuning Program for Pneumatic Control Systems. 
  • Troubleshooting ATC Systems. 
  • Tools & Fixtures for ATC System Operation and Maintenance.
  • Training Control System Operating and Maintenance Personnel.
  • Installing Hybrid Pneumatic and Direct Digital Control Systems .
  • Operating Direct Digital Control Systems. 
  • Testing Direct Digital Control Systems.
  • A Short Course in Psychrometrics .
  •  Glossary of Terms . 

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