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Some Wind Energy Facts

Wind Energy Facts 

Since the time of the Pharaohs, man has been using wind power for travels. The civilizations of Middle Eastern about 1,000 years later began grinding grain using windmills.

Some Wind Energy Facts

The windmills are not an old-fashioned source of energy. Annually, 50,000 wind turbines work globally to provide more than 50 billion kilowatt-hours.

Wind energy is more popular than ever in today's energy crisis. Modern technology has developed it far more practical and efficient. Tall wind towers in a few acres can create enough energy to replace a traditional petroleum power plant.

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The windmills had been made by the latest technology so sensitive that from the slightest breath of wind they will create energy. The turbines can be powered by wind day and night. In order to keep excess energy if there should be a lack of wind, its power plants should have storage batteries.

The turbines have to be erected as well and special power plants need to be built. When you consider the acres that need to be purchased for the wind turbines maybe there is an additional cost. However, once it is set up, virtually no maintenance costs.

10,000-kilowatt hours of energy are used in American households each year. This energy is enough to light and heat five million homes.

Basic facts

Harnessing wind as a source of energy contributes no pollutants to the atmosphere. The amount of energy generated for one year by the rotation of a wind turbine could be 2,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide produced in a traditional power plant.

Versatile and Renewable

The wind is free energy and is available anywhere at any time in the world. The construction of wind turbines is really an investment and they require very little maintenance cost.

Also, turning wind power into energy does not involve the transportation of some commodities such as oil or coal from one place to another. This eliminates our dependence on foreign sources to meet our power needs and increases the opportunities for local employment in the production of energy. It is a completely renewable resource so we do not need to worry about it running out.

Another of the many wind power facts is that wind turbines can operate individually or as part of a larger network. This means that people in remote areas can operate or run their own individual turbines and never have to worry about losing power or being cut off from the grid. The wind turbines in the large collections can also be used to provide power to large numbers of homes or other buildings.

Wind power facts and goals :

  • Estimated 10% of the total power required by the U.S in 2022 will be provided by wind energy.
  • The UK will become 10% wind power in 2022.
  •  Currently, Spain gets 15% of power from wind.
  • Meanwhile, Germany is consuming 8% of energy coming from wind.
  • Over 20% of Denmark's energy comes from wind.