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What is wind energy?

The definition of wind energy

Wind energy is the energy that we harness from wind current in the atmosphere. Wind turbines capture the kinetic energy of the wind and convert it into useful electrical and mechanical energy. The wind happened because of the difference in pressure. In the atmosphere, there are always high pressure and low-pressure areas. When both areas come close to each other, the air flows from the high-pressure area to low pressure area.

What is wind energy

The knowledgeable sailors have been used wind energy for many years. The wind power will push the boat along when the sail is lifted. Otherwise, the boat will stop moving forward when they lower the sail. The change direction of sail can be used to steer the boat.

The wind turbine is basically a generator, this machine has aerodynamics blades which are rotated by the wind incident on them. Then the energy is transferred into the transmission box. It causes a high-speed shaft to turn a generator and then produce electricity. The generator will begin generating power when the proper speed of rotation is reached.

The using wind power source energy lies in the fact that wind is not always constant and steady. In a gentle breeze where turbines are moving at a low speed, they will not produce enough electricity to make them valuable. Because of that, wind energy systems are being used in hybrid arrangements with another power source rather than a replacement.

Before you create your own wind energy, you should check with the zoning board and with your neighborhood alliance. It may rule that prohibits you from setting your own wind turbine if you live in a tight suburban area. However, once you get approval from your neighborhood, you will be on the way to creating your own wind energy that will help to keep the environment safe and at the same time it will save your money.

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Wind Energy for Electricity

The technology of wind energy is being devoted to developing efficient ways to produce electricity. The wind farms are cropping up all across the country in modest numbers, anywhere a steady breeze and open field can be found. The purpose of wind farm builders is to one day be able to fully replace the significant amounts of oil and coal currently used to generate electricity. To date, wind farms have not proven able to completely take over the power generation industry, but they get closer to that goal.

The biggest fact in using wind for electrical generation lies in the fact that wind is not always steady and constant. A wind farm that lies dormant is producing no electricity, and in a gentle breeze where turbines are moving at a minimal speed, it does not produce enough electricity to make them valuable to the grid. Because of that, wind energy systems are being used in hybrid arrangements with other sources of power as a supplement rather than a replacement.

Wind Energy for Home

Wind energy had been used by the farmers to pump water from their wells for generations. Today, combined with solar power systems, wind energy is a viable source of electricity and hot water for the average rural American home. The modern system of wind energy is built vertically with rotating sales to maximize the system regardless of which direction the wind blows.